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Ginger Plant


By Linlin

Canada Ca

I'm new at this. My mother was the green thumb. How do I care for Ginger Plant, is it harmful to cats and how/when do I transplant? Due to I went back to school, financial is very tight, therefore, I thought I'll transplant them to give as Christmas gifts. Thanks.



Gingerplants are from the tropics and I wonder how they'll survive in Canada. Here they are very easy to care for. Just let them grow, give them plenty of water and cut off the dead leaves. They spread, walk if you like, underground, as they are rhizomes. If you have it in a pot, perhaps it has to be kept indoors or on a balcony, where the frost won't get to it. Transplanting would be easy, you can also dig it up and look at the roots, where there is a new growth coming, you can cut the rhizome and plant a new bit in a pot. Roots form everywhere along the rhizomes. I have no idea what happens if a cat would eat it. What I know of cats is that they seldom eat anything that is not good for them, they seem to have a natural instinct, and if things go wrong, they've got 9 lives, haven't they? As we can eat ginger, I doubt if the cat would die.

13 Oct, 2008

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