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my dog has been urinating on my lawn. I now have several bare patches. I have re-sown with grass seed but nothing has re-grown to the extent that it was. What can I treat the soil/grass with that will neutralise the urine.



Water, and lots of it. This will dilute (rather than neutralise) the extremely concentrated levels of nitrogen in the urine to the point that it no longer burns, and will, in fact, feed the grass instead.

Ideally you want to soak the area with water as soon as your dog has urinated and thus prevent any damage in the first place...of course that means following her around with a hose, which can be tricky!

11 Apr, 2011


thanks Ilex

11 Apr, 2011


'Dog rocks' that you put in their water bowl are supposed to help.

11 Apr, 2011


I have tried everything Michaelb, tomato sauce in her food, (to neutralise the acid in here wee)No change after 5months, so i stopped, the only alternative is to fence off your lawn!!! or retrain your dog :)

11 Apr, 2011



11 Apr, 2011

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