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How can I tell if my Eucalyptus tree is dead? The leaves look dead and I have snapped of some small twigs which are completely dry and brown inside. Could the cold winter have killed it? It is about twice as tall as a house, so I would like to know whether to remove it before it falls!



It's much too early to say. Many Eucalyptus have been killed or severely damaged by this last winter. All of ours - some of which were as large as yours - were cut to the ground by the winter of 2009/2010 and didn't regrow until well into summer.

I would wait until the end of summer. If no regrowth has occurred by then you will know it has been killed, but so long as the roots have survived with the extra protection of being underground, there's there's s decent chance that your Eucalyptus will regrow.

In any case it's not suddenly going to fall over, even if it has been killed - the roots will continue to hold it stable for a considerable time.

11 Apr, 2011


My twelve year old eucalyptus, which was growing vigorously and over 15 feet tall despite lopping two year ago seemed to have been killed by last winters frost (we had -15 degrees for weeks in this part of Yorkshire) I was on the point of cutting it down last week when I noticed to my delight, some green shoots emerging at ground level. My dilemma now is how to encourage these shoots. Should I cut down the dead part of the tree or leave well alone for now?? Also how, do I get what looks like a baby coppice of eucalyptus to grow one single trunk?? Or should I accept that I now have a eucalyptus bush??

20 Jun, 2011


May I ask Pamc what you did about the tree, and whether you have a bush now? We planted four trees, and all where 12 - 15 feet high, and seem dead after a 3 hours freeze. One of the trees is showing some green growth towards the trunk.... and my husband is ready to chop off the trunk.... but I do not know.... should we just let it be? The roots must be well established by now.... Thanks! ab

6 Mar, 2017

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