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Biodynamic compost?
The other day, a salesman came to where I work, and was trying to get the nursery to buy and sell his brand of "Biodynamic Compost". When asked what "Biodynamics" was, his answer was things like "It's beyond organic!", "100% natural!", "No chemicals!", "High mineral content!", and other cant. Has anyone heard of this? Is there any meaning behind the hype? I'm still doing my own research, but I would very much like to hear your own experience and opinions on this.
Thank you very much!



Hmm, no, not heard of biodynamic compost - I have heard of biodynamic massage, and very effective it is too. Pretty poor salesman if he couldn't tell you why it was biodynamic - I mean bio means of the body, or alive, and dynamic means energy, so you could say it had a certified level of biological organisms, preferably advantageous ones, not deadly ones, and that some other ingredient conferred energy to reinforce either bio activity, or uptake of nutrients. See, I can talk bull$@*! with the best of 'em, he should have got me to sell it, lol! But quite frankly, without some sort of certification of the contents, not to mention verification of good results, its just one of those catchphrases, surely.

9 Apr, 2011


Also never heard of it, but then I really live out in the sticks, even running a nursery here too. Agree with what Bamboo says about the meaning. I personally find that the compost from my gourmet (wood growing) mushrooms are amazing!

9 Apr, 2011


its all hype, 100% natural, so what would be 'un-natural'.
Psuedo science babble in my opinion. was it more expensive? I bet it was.

9 Apr, 2011


There is no way he was really offering biodynamic compost.If you grow using biodynamic principles then all the compost is made using the produce from the land you are growing on. If you are buying it in it isn't biodynamic!

9 Apr, 2011


Bamboo, the compost was supposedly certified by the Demeter Association, but reading their material, I don't see how that is possible. They certify foods and cosmetics, but there is no mention of soil conditioners.

As Moon_grower says, the biodynamic methods seem to apply mainly to farms trying to maintain the soil and environment by recycling everything, avoiding importing fertilizers, and not using chemical pest/weed/disease control.

It is apparently composted cow manure produced on an (allegedly) biodynamic farm, with the approved biodynamic minerals and herbal supplements added to the manure. I would call it a pretty good grade of organic compost, judging by the feel and smell of the sample he left, but it has too much dirt in it for my taste. Bringing minerals to Arizona is a little like bringing coals to Newcastle!

Thank you all for your comments, and if you have further info, it is always welcome!

9 Apr, 2011


If it has minerals in it then it has chemicals because minerals are chemical compounds. He means no added inorganic chemicals. I wish people would be accurate about this no chemicals business. Goodness me, lets face it, we are MADE of chemicals.

10 Apr, 2011


Oh, too true, Steragram - not to mention we're made up of the damned things. Its like E numbers and bacteria - not all are bad.

11 Apr, 2011


Good glory, I wish people would remember that everything from PCB's to proteins to cellulose to clay minerals are all chemicals! The things to beware of are some of the man-made chemicals that organisms--including us--do not have the biochemistry to deal with.
Not that all natural chemicals are sweetness and light. There are deposits of mercury ore near the Valley of the Sun that veggie gardeners would do well to steer clear of, or at least use containers! The Dreamy Draw area is one of the most notorious.
Fortunately, a soil with good levels of organic matter, and a healthy population of soil organisms, can protect us from most of these chemical hazards.

12 Apr, 2011

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