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Do newly planted narcissi take a year to settle in? Especially the smaller varieties. Do they then tend to do better in the second year?



Hi Jonathan that hasn't been my experiences. When did you plant them?

7 Apr, 2011


Hi Moongrower, I planted Thalia and Midget last autumn. Neither have performed significantly. Whereas my Ice Follies and Jenny have been superb. I am just wondering whether they need to be given more time in situ. Perhaps it depends on the variety. Not sure whether to keep or throw away the unperformers.
(I've just picked up your kind message from a couple of weeks ago. I'll send you a private message).

7 Apr, 2011


If you bought and planted the narcissus bulbs last autumn, Jonathan, they should have flowered perfectlt in their first year. It sounds as if they might be duff bulbs.

7 Apr, 2011


Perhaps you are right Bulbaholic. They all came from JParker and looked fine at planting time. Perhaps I should have rid of those ones.

7 Apr, 2011

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