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Bees in my bedroom!!!


By Ria46

United Kingdom Gb

I have a couple of plants on my bedroom windowsill Geranium's & Avacardo - I heard very loud buzzing at 8 am, when I went to investigate there were two HUGE bees inside and another outside but trying to enter - I opened the window wide, one left & the other was buzzing in the corner - it eventually got free but two were outside the widow - Any idea why this happened and is it likely it will happen again?
Thank you for a reply!
"Scared to bits''



HUGE loudly buzzing bees sound like bumble bees. These are very placid and highly unlikely to take any notice of you - they're much too busy being bees. They live a solitary life, unlike honey bees, so there's no question of laying down their life for the good of the hive, or any of that nonsense. They COULD sting, if absolutely driven to it, but that would be curtains for them, so why would they?

So don't be "Scared to bits" Ria, bumble bees are like little flying teddy bears. And just remember, according to engineering principles, they shouldn't be able to fly at all! :-)

7 Apr, 2011


Thankyou for your reply but I'm sorry, it was not a bumble bee - I've been searching online and have seen at least two comments from another site, I am still feeling wobbly as I'm home alone:

7 Apr, 2011


That's interesting Ria. Did you read all the way to the end? It would explain how the bees appeared in your bedroom, if they tunnelled in instead of out. How old is your house and how is it constructed? If they were Anthophora plumipes as suggested in the thread you gave a link for you were in no danger.
Just chill out, they're not after you and are not aggressive.

7 Apr, 2011


I get large bees and wasps in my bedroom at this time of year - it faces south and is in full sun and the window's always open - I'm often woken by the sound of loud buzzing where some hapless insect has slid in through the partially open window, probably looking for a nesting site, and then can't get out again. At this time of year, some of the bigger buzzing ones are looking for new homes, so they investigate any aperture or opening just in case. All I do is open the window really wide and leave 'em to it - they disappear in the end.
Having said that, a friend of mine has found 3 bees on different occasions inside his flat with no open windows with no idea how they got in. I told him to open the windows and they eventually went.

8 Apr, 2011

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