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By Zenga

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Has anyone got any idea what i can do with a long strip of garden. Garden is supported by a breeze block wall measuring 32"in height.The garden is about 10 yards long x 1yard 10" in width. I had the idea of using shrubs for easy maintenance and would like some suggestions for covering wall. Any help will be appreciated.Thanks Angie.



Hmm, difficult - less than four feet wide is the problem, so you'd be restricted to columnar shrubs or very small ones only. Is this the only garden you've got, or just an area of a larger garden, and what's the aspect? (meaning which way does it face, how much sun, shade)

4 Apr, 2011


10 yards by 1'10 yards/~11 square feet
roughly 9.5 metres by 1 metre/~9.5 square metres

Width is the issue. My first choice in a long-thin garden would be to make it look larger, so I would split it up into smaller chunks to elongate it visually and make it look tall, so lots of tall-thin plants mixed in.

Given that it is a very small space could you add an arbor or pergola to the site? You could train Wisteria, Clematis or roses (any climbing plant really) over it.

4 Apr, 2011


One way to make such a garden look bigger is to plant dark colored foliage or flowers toward the back, and light colors toward the front.

5 Apr, 2011

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