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how often do i water my orchid and what the best position to place it



Most orchids prefer very bright, indirect light, or filtered morning sun. The main exceptions are Jewel Orchids (Ludisia species), or the tropical Lady Slippers (Paphiopedilum species), which can take more moderate light, but still aren't in the same league as a Cast Iron Plant! I don't know where you garden, Angela, but in northern climates, many Orchids like artificial light in winter, to compensate for short, gray days.
As for watering, most cultivated orchids are epiphytic species. Those grow on tree branches or cliffs, in the wild, and are used to going nearly dry between soakings. The few terrestrial species--Ludisia, Paphiopedilum, and Cymbidium--may need watering a little more often. Practically all orchids are sensitive to sodium and calcium in the water, so unless your tap water is exceptionally pure, they do best with rain barrel water, or reverse osmosis purified water.

4 Apr, 2011

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