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By Annpugh

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My Choisya ternata Brica shrub looks as if it is being nibbled on the tips of the stems and seems rather unhealthy. Do I prune it back, feed it extra compost or can you suggest something? The shrub is 2years old and in quite a sheltered position amongst other plants.



Sorry to put you off, Ann. I have little experience with Choisyas, but some general knowledge may be helpful. My understanding of the weather in the UK this year is that it got cold enough to damage Choisyas somewhat, including tip burn of the most exposed branches. If that's the case, I would give it some extra compost, maybe also a light dose of blood meal, to encourage new growth. Once it starts, just cut off anything that isn't sprouting vigorously. Flowering might also be inhibited this year,if it was damaged enough.

6 Apr, 2011

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