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Can one replant heathers in soil which has already had heathers in it?



I see no reason why not. As with planting anything into a bed that has had older plants in it add plenty of organic material.

2 Apr, 2011


Hi Owdb. no problem at all planting heathers where you have previously had them. In spite of my efforts to keep them small sooner or later most of them get lanky and get heaved out. We did some composted bark or similar in and plant new small ones (promising ourselves we will keep them trimmed back!)

3 Apr, 2011


If they're winter flowering heathers a trim just before they stop flowering every year or two should make them stay luxuriant virtually forever

These heathers have received that treatment every year or two for at least 25 years and still look good.

The secret is to take off as much as possible without going into old stems with no leafs on them.

3 Apr, 2011


Cheers folks. Not sure we are going to go down the heather route now. From what I can see the ones we have are dead because of the Heather fungus thing so replanting is not an option.

3 Apr, 2011


Are they summer flowering heathers Owl?

There's some stuff on heather problems here

3 Apr, 2011

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