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This id for Beattie or volunteer these are the large Laurels in my garden which I would like to move at least one of them to sheild us from the road what would you say is it going to be possible I would say they are at least 6ft if not a little more

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I'm neither of those two members but i'll give you another point of view, you can never have too many, then make your own judgement.

You'll need to take a really large rootball with plants that size, i would think it would have to be about 18" across or the plants will suffer tremendous damage and stress and may not even recover.
They are hardy plants but they all need tender loving care.

When replanting them remember that the new hole needs to be twice as large as the rootball and backfill it with really good quality composted manure or the like so it can have the best chance of recovery.
If you're gardening on clay you'll have hells own job with this project.

1 Apr, 2011


Looks like Prunus laurocerasus - if you want to move them successfully, follow Louise's advice above, but if you find its difficult to get all the roots out intact, you'd be best off reducing all the topgrowth by at least a third - maybe even half. This reduces the stress on the plant because it's got less topgrowth to support, and less water loss through its leaves.

1 Apr, 2011


Thank you both will be acting on your advice this weekend

2 Apr, 2011

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