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Hi all Im thinking about relaying my lawn as it has been completly taken over by moss


By Ad_brad

United Kingdom Gb

Hi all
Im thinking about relaying my lawn as it has been completly taken over by moss! Growing new lawn from seed as is very large (850m2) Wondered if there was anything i could do to help the grass beat the moss!

Soil is currently always soggy under the moss but is on a slope so drainiage isnt a problem. Perhaps i need fertilizers or new soil? STUMPED!! Please help
Thank you

-Thanks for your reply but im afraid i have 1%grass too 99%moss, the entire lawn needs to be re-sown and i just wanted to give it the best chance possible



Apply a mosskiller and aerate the lawn - if the mossy areas are very shady, you'll always have a problem with moss in spring and autumn in those areas. The mosskiller will turn the moss black, when it should be raked out - if you have large bald areas, you'll need to reseed those. Your lawn should be fed in April and again 6 weeks later, but if you think you might need to seed it, bear in mind no chemical feeds should be applied 6 weeks before seeding, anduntil 6 weeks after it starts growing, so you may only manage one feed this year. In autumn, aerate again and scarify, but if we have a very dry summer and you don't water your lawn (and most of us don't, its a waste) this will increase the amount of moss the following autumn/spring. If you only manage one feed this season, then invest in some autumn feed for the lawn.

30 Mar, 2011

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