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Just planted seed potatoes in large pots filled with my own home-made compost. I know we have rats running around near/in the compost heap. Will the potatoes be safe to eat?



Yes they should be, don't think potatoes can pick up weils disease, unlike us. However, home made compost is only suitable for use in pots IF it's been produced using a hot compost method, meaning it's ready for use within about 3 months. If yours is a cold, anaerobic heap, then the compost so produced should really only be used on open ground.

29 Mar, 2011


I hope this is the right place to say - thankyou very much, Bamboo. I think I need to change the compost then. That is very helpful.

29 Mar, 2011


Yep, it was the right place - if you answer a question, you get a notification every time something's added.

29 Mar, 2011


Cal1 thanks for adding your thanks on the same thread. It gets my goat when every extra contribution or thank you goes on another thread - you end up with a fearful tangle and the comments get lost.

Go to the top of the class, and have a gold star to stick in your exercise book! ;-)

29 Mar, 2011


Ooh, Beattie, thankyou!

29 Mar, 2011


:-) You're welcome!

30 Mar, 2011

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