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By Pammiet

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When starting a raspberry plot, they are growing everywhere, when is the best time to cut back the canes, and do you cut them back? also, some canes had berries in late spring, others in the fall?



Hi Pammie sounds as if you aren't actually starting a raspberry plot but trying to get an existing one in hand! You have two different types of raspberries growing and they need different treatment.

The spring/summer fruiting raspberries needed the canes which fruited cut out to the ground once they had finished fruiting and the new canes that grew last tied into the wiring as they will fruit this year.

The autumn fruiting raspberries should have had their canes cut down to the ground late February early March as they fruit on the canes that grow this season. It is a bit late now but you still need to cut the old canes down to the ground. New canes will grow quite rapidly.

29 Mar, 2011

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