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By Pamsco

Midlothian, Scotland Sco

3 plant IDs please some of these are familiar but I'm not sure?

Id_a Id_b Id_c



top one is a dicentra but not spectabilis

middle one looks like Honesty

and the last one looks like symphytm/comfrey.

28 Mar, 2011


First one - Dicentra, probably formosa
Second - Lunaria (honesty)
Third is a form of comfrey. I used to have a small bluey- white flowered variety but I never knew its official name. This doesn't look like the big blue thug, but it's early in the season.....

28 Mar, 2011


Snap SBG!

28 Mar, 2011


Agree with first two identifications, but the third looks like take on Pulmonaria officianalis 'sissinghurst white'
although the white variety has spotty leaves. I have an identical plant, between 2 other varieties.

29 Mar, 2011


These flowers are more tubular and clustered, and the leaves are rougher textured than the pulmonaria you suggest 2ndhand. I stick with my original ID.

29 Mar, 2011


I have this symphytum [pinky form] in the garden. so like beattie I think it is the comfrey. The flowers are too tubular for pulmonaria.

29 Mar, 2011


Thank you all! I thought no 2 was honesty but it was so long ago since I grew it (c25 years) that i wasn't sure. I had hoped for some self seeding there is a plant nearby.

No 3 has spread a bit, it is in a very very shady spot. The newer growth has small buds that look quite pink. When they are open properly i'll post.

29 Mar, 2011


Just looked up Dicentra. Fantastic! I was admiring these in a catalogue recently.

29 Mar, 2011

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