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hello all,a lot of my plants have died in the snow,just to ask about day lilys as i had two big bunchs last year and they have not come up,could the snow have killed these too,chris



Wait quite a bit longer, Ladybug. Day lilies are hardy as far as I know, they're probably just waiting for the weather to improve.

24 Mar, 2011


It depends on the type - evergreen types are less hardy, while dormant types grow in Canada, far colder than where you are. Like Beattie says, they should start to come up very soon. Many growers don't start to ship plants until March or April, when they can start to dig them out of the ground. I have 3 plants coming from Germany, and they didn't start shipping until this month. I've seen on an auction site where you bid & buy in December, and they ship in April.

24 Mar, 2011



24 Mar, 2011


I came across several plants last spring which I was convinced were dead. However some of them came back even into May and June. If you have room to be patient, it is sometimes worth it.

24 Mar, 2011

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