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Can snowdrops be grown in full sun? I am thinking of buying some 'in the green'. I only have a sunny site.



Well some of ours are pretty much in full sun and are perfectly happy.

23 Mar, 2011


I don't think they mind sunshine, but what they don't like is soil that dries out - a sunny spot usually gets dry at certain times of the year, so if you can keep that from happening, I think they'd be fine.

23 Mar, 2011


That is good news Moongrower. The sun will get a lot stronger. I am thinking of creating a liliy planter, versailles type, with snowdrops and other small bulbs as the top layer. So having lilies in it, it will get watered a lot during the summer.

23 Mar, 2011


You find that ones that are in sun, grow where the soil does not get too hot. The bulbs are not designed to withstand high temps for any length of time. So just make sure that your planter soil does not get baked by the 'sun.'

23 Mar, 2011


Jonathan - do you grow a small deciduous shrub in any of your containers? If so, you could tuck the snowdrops in that behind the shrub so they get shaded from the hottest sun during the summer. In winter the shrub would be bare and you would see the snowdrops clearly. This is the sort of place they wold grow in the wild

23 Mar, 2011


I don't really have shrubs in tubs, just perennials and bulbs in them. But now you have given me an idea. I could probably do something clever with a bit of shade netting to create the same effect that a shading shrub would. Thank you for that.

24 Mar, 2011

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