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Has anyone heard about the pot pond i seen it on an Alan Tichmarch show last year and I have been looking for a pot wide enough to use as a pond that I could grow water lillies and other water plants in. can anyone suggest where i would get a pot from. Thanks Moon grower I will go to our garden centre and see what I can find thanks again.



Hi Denfrank and welcome to GoY. Just head along to your local garden centre and look for the largest glazed pot they have. If it has holes in the bottom you can plug them with plastic wine corks or something similar. It will need to be very deep if you want to have a water lily.

If you do a google search on ponds in pots you'll find lots of useful info.

Do take photos as you create and then once it is all happy and flowering to show us all.

22 Mar, 2011


My Aunt has one and was advised to varnish/seal the inside of Terracotta pots as the process used to make them includes something that is poisonous to plants and fish etc.Also as terracotta is porous it will have to be sealed in order to prevent water absorption .I hope to make on next year with a solar fountain but I am using a plastic bowl or is great but the water gets to warm

25 Aug, 2014


Samantha, a glazed pot won't have the problems you mention.

25 Aug, 2014

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