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I have a Rhododendron that I bought and planted when in flower three years ago. It has buds but nothing comes of them. The leaves are drooping and some are yellowing and looking withered. My daughter has the same Rhodi and the same problem (we bought them at the same time)
Can any body help please? We haven't tried a Rhodi feed as yet.



Rhododendrons like acidic soil that doesn't dry out too much, with a fair bit of humus present (supplied by adding composted manure or similar at planting time) and a fair bit of shade. Is it possible that your soil is alkaline, isn't rich enough and does dry out?

21 Mar, 2011


No soils are both acidic, and my daughters soil tends to be on the damp side (poor drainage). :-/ I may have left it to dry out though.
Have you any experience of using a Rhodi food Bamboo?

21 Mar, 2011


No - I never bother with the specialist feeds unless they're in pots, stick to Growmore granules or Vitax Q4 for practically everything in the ground. And if its an acid lover, I'd use either of those mentioned for feed, but give a shot of sequestrene iron tonic in mid spring. Not sure how much help that is, lol!

21 Mar, 2011


That's a great help Bamboo, thank you so much.

21 Mar, 2011


Cilfan are your and your daughter's rhodos in full sun?

21 Mar, 2011

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