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Can anyone recommend a very hardy tree for a small garden which doesn't exceed 3 metres and has year round interest? I love the sorbus family but fear they may be too tall and I don't want to completely obscure our neighbours' lovely view!



How about Amelanchier 'Ballerina'? It's a deciduous tree, so obviously there's just the shape in the winter, but you get lovely pinky new leaves and blossom in the spring, and coloured leaves in the autumn.

(I'm definitely getting one for my garden when I take out a poorly hebe!)

21 Mar, 2011


A lovely evergreen is Picea Albertiana Conica. It keeps a concial shape, grows no more than 2 metres high and is very hardy. It is sometimes sold as a miniature Christmas tree. They are also fairly easily available.

21 Mar, 2011


Hi Cathryn,

Aside from selected dwarf forms, strictly speaking there aren't any trees that will stop growing at 3 metres in height, since this is very much the preserve of shrubs.

You could go in one of two directions though. Either select the tree that you would most like to grow and be aware that you'll need to prune it to keep to size, or go for a medium/large shrub that would fill the space and give you all the ornamental features that you're looking for.

There are a few really lovely smaller, shrubby Sorbus species, such as Sorbus rosea, which would fit the bill. Other members of the Rose family (to which Sorbus belongs) have many of the same ornamental features and some of the large Cotoneasters would also work well. Amelanchiers are also from that family and are lovely but also extremely vigorous and almost all are far larger than your 3 metre limit - although they are easily pruned to size.

There are literally hundreds of attractive & suitably sized shrubs to choose from of course.

Personally I'd go with an Arbutus - Strawberry tree - particularly A. x andrachnoides. This gives 4-season interest with beautiful glossy, peeling bark, pretty white flowers and red fruit as well as handsome evergreen foliage.

21 Mar, 2011


thanks so much everyone! This is the first time I've used this site and I was really pleased to get so many helpful replies. Am looking forward to choosing a tree from all the suggestions.

Best wishes

21 Mar, 2011


5 years ago we bought a Dogwood called "China Girl". It is now aproximately 2 years old and during the winter it has a lovely branching shape which then buds up at this time of year. All of a sudden it is covered in leaves at the tips which then form into beautiful white bracts (like a flower with 4 white petals)the centre of which is bright green. As the summer progresses the bracts fall off leaving the centre bud to grow into a bright red raspberry-like seed head; by this time the leaves are going a beautiful golden brown/red colour.

The best £35.00 I've ever spent on my garden.

22 Mar, 2011

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