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Vine Weevils Although I can identify the beetle and the grub is there a stage in between please? On clearing out a pot I found some white very thin worm's and wondered if they where something connected to the vine weevil. Thank's



Vine weevils don't look like thin worms. The grubs will change in to adults. I have found some grubs with sort of 'legs' - like a half way stage, but you'd be able to tell what they are. They're not like thin worms at all.

I wonder what those worms are then. Maybe you could show a photo of them ?

21 Mar, 2011


Thank's Hywel I don't have a camera so a photo is not possible, but the worm's as of yet don't have legs they just look like small wire worm's.I would like to use the soil again so wo uld like to find out what these are first

21 Mar, 2011


ok. I hope someome will be able to help you.

21 Mar, 2011


Yes, there is a stage between - the pupae. Like moths/butterflies etc., vine weevil larvae pupate for a few weeks before emerging as adults.

The pupae are white and look like immobile, legless, fatter, shorter versions of the larvae.

Your thin worms are definitely nothing to do with Vine Weevil. Without a pic it's impossible to say for sure what they are but possibilities are Horsehair Worms, Eelworms, or, most likely, white worms - Google each and see which (if any!) look like yours!

21 Mar, 2011

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