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By Chrisf

Berkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Can anyone please advise me on what to do with my acacia dealbata. Ibought it last year and potted it in a large terracotta pot,stood it in the front garden which is south facing and sunny all day, and it thrived, was full of buds when the cold weather arrived. It now looks dead, all the leaves & buds are brown (the buds never matured into flowers). I snipped off a small branch and it was supple in the centre so I think it may still be alive. See photo attached. ANy advice would be welcome I live in Berkshire, UK




If that's the pot its in in the picture, needs a bigger pot I'd say, but obviously, its suffered during the arctic winter. Wait - when you see new growth, cut it back to wherever it is, removing dead growth, but in the meantime, keep it watered - if there's roots hanging out the bottom, repot now and keep watered.

22 Mar, 2011

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