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I've started growing my herbs and beetroot on my windsill but now they have started dying off or look limp.



It may be they're not getting enough light, or have been exposed to direct sunlight, or its too cold on the windowsill overnight - we've had some cold nights, so move them off the windowsill overnight and replace the following day.

19 Mar, 2011


Hi there,
I agree with bamboo, are your seed trays/pots of seedlings covered?

Make sure they are not overwatered, the combination of wet and cold is a lethal one for seedlings.
If all else fails and you end up binning the lot, re-sow. There is still plenty of time to do so. I have only just started with my sewing, and allthough it is tempting to sew everything, I start with brasicas, as these tend to take a while to germinate, and then move on to other less troublesome seeds. When it is a little warmer, I sew direct into ground or planters.

I wish you happy growing.

20 Mar, 2011

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