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I got about 5 Licuala elegans small trees (approx 4 ft tall)(known as kipas locally) from a local nursery in sungai buloh, Malaysia. Mine have small thorns starting from each stalks, about one third of the leaf stalk and then no more thorns, just beautiful green stalks. I read somewhere that it needs shady places! But my nursery shop told me mine needs full sunlight!! Which is which please?



This palm requires dappled shade, or light shade, not full sun.

22 Mar, 2011


Thanks. I moved most of mine to a semi-shady area (car porch). I left one in full sun to experiment as the nursery is so insistent that it should have no problem :-) He reckons it is just due to planting in a new ground shock factor as many of the leaves are a bit yellow or slightly brownish at the edges.

24 Mar, 2011

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