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Hi. My lawn is full of worm casts and I am about to use, amongst other remedies, Ferrous Sulphate via a watering can to help 'keep their heads down' for a while. Also to help 'green up' the grass. My problem is I am unsure of the dosage in grammes per watering can as i do not want to blacken the grass. I have no moss on the lawn . How much should I add to a gallon watering can to cover a square metre. This will then give me an idea for the dose for the rest of the lawn which is approx 10 metres by15 metres. Hope this makes sense! Thanks, United.



Oh dear, United, I'm very sad to hear you want to kill off or check the worms in your lawn - they do a very good job of aerating the lawn, saving you labour, and the casts themselves are full of nutrients which are great for your grass. I know they look a mess at this time of year, but it passes within a month - by April they dry out and can be brushed across the grass. Seems a pity to reward all their hard work by damaging them...

16 Mar, 2011


Yeah agree totally with Bamboo !

17 Mar, 2011

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