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I got a plant indoor with big green leave which recently weak and leaves turning yellow i did use more water somtime and changed Pot recently with no effect your hep advise will be appreciated



Sorry, Mrkhawaja, need to know what plant it actually is - if you don't know, please post a photograph. However, if the leaves are going soggy and yellow, that's most likely overwatering - without knowing what the plant is, it's not possible to diagnose properly, but most houseplants should be left to dry out between waterings, just till the top of the compost feels slightly dry, then water well, and tip away any water left in an outer pot or tray so that the plant is not left standing in water. House plants generally should not be placed near heat sources such as radiators, tvs or fires, and should be given as much natural light as possible, but all this is general - more tailored information can only be given on knowing the variety of plant you have.

15 Mar, 2011

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