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By Mickmar

Denbighshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have been given permission to construct an allotment in a field. I can not fence it off and i know I am going to have a problem with rabbits. On the internet it says one of the best repellents is fox urine. The sites are all USA. Can this be purchased in the UK. It can be purchased in the US in spray or powder form. The other tip I got is to use human hair. Tried this and seems to work. Just ask barber or hairdresser for cuttings.



You can buy lion poo, I think. But fencing would be the best idea, if possible. Pigeons are also a menace and eat crops. Good luck!!

15 Mar, 2011


Hi Mickmar

To have an allotment without any boundaries could be very difficult as apart from lots of pests such as rabbits etc there can also be the human pests who trample all over your veggies or whatever you are going to grow.

If it was me I would have second thoughts about renting the land, unless of course you haven't anywhere else to grow plants.

Is there a reason you can't put a hedge or a fence up ?

15 Mar, 2011


Without a wire rabbit proof fence you're not going to get anything off this allotment, so you need renegotiate or find somewhere else. What a pity.

15 Mar, 2011


I think if you managed to get enough fox urine to repel rabbits you would find it difficult to work there as it smells very strong indeed. I wonder if those ultrasonic devices that are supposed to keep cats away would also work on rabbits?

15 Mar, 2011


We have a pair of regular fox visitors to our garden, but must say it doesn't stop the rabbits, although the foxes do keep the rabbit population down a bit.
Agree Steragram the smell of fox urine is certainly strong.

15 Mar, 2011


Hi there,

are you allowed to use a large polly tunnel?
I'm afraid I agree with the others, unless you can create some physical barrier against wildlife, you will find it almost impossible to grow.
I wish you luck.

16 Mar, 2011


Thanks for all your replies. On google - keeping rabbits off allotment - it says fox urine is sold in spray and powder form, but can only find US sites. Just wanted to know if anyone knew if it was sold in the UK. Cant fence allotment off because owner of field does not want it looking like one i.e. no shed, greenhouse, fencing etc

16 Mar, 2011


Walk away, Mick. If you don't fence it the rabbits will just ruin all your hard work. It's a non-starter unless you can keep them out. I don't see a poly tunnel will do that - it just sits on the ground and can be a bit "gappy" at the best of times.

Or use our comments to work on the owner of the field.

16 Mar, 2011

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