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By Spader

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Morning all,
If you can remember I sent in this question below last year.............."I have a Clematis "Little White Charm" in a very large pot.I have been told to cover the surface with stones to protect the roots from the sun,has anyone know if this is correct,+ what do I feed It on..

Now the thing is all was well untill about 4 weeks ago and the large pot started to I decided to carfully untie the plant,remove from the pot and to dig a large hole below the pot and replant.was a bit of a job getting it out of the pot (Root Bound) but with a spade I
removed it with most of the root intact. a little was broken and stuck to the pot.I have carfully placed and secured the braches back to the trellis. and all looked fine.But now all the green leaves have turned brown and fell off.any advice or have I killed It.have been told to just leave It and it will come back.But dont know If I should cut It right back or just leave alone.Help please.

Spader (Dave)



hi im new to this but i have a clematis that i was given bya relative i actually snapped the main branch by accident last year (i wasnt paying attention as i was wedding) the plant eventually began to look like it had given up the go. but surprisingly it has grown back and is starting to grow right across one of my walls. it is in a full sun from morning till night and i have never covered the roots. i doubt thats much use but may give a little bit of confidence.

15 Mar, 2011


Many thanks Hchristy... will see what happens.

Spader..(Dave) xx

15 Mar, 2011


I read a Clematis book once and it said just keep feeding and feeding and they eventually get going! Some thrive, some don't.

15 Mar, 2011


Many thanks all...

Spader....Dave x

16 Mar, 2011

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