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Someone asked about "onion grass" - I can't find the question now. I have just come across a picture of the field onion, and the root matches yours pretty well - I was wrong about it being a wild leek. Wait until it flowers and check again - the flower is less dense than other onion family flowers.



It's on page 2, second one down, from Jessm, headed up Can anyone confirm that this is ...

14 Mar, 2011


It was me! Thanks v much... It's strange, it didn't flower last year but did the year before. Will look out for it though.

14 Mar, 2011


Thanks Bamboo - must be as blind as a bat.
Jessm, the pic I saw of the flowers had little traily bits hanging down from the flower head - difficult to see what they were from the small pic I have. Anyway, wait and see!

14 Mar, 2011

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