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sweet peas - my sweet peas germinated without any problem, but now i am wondering if i pinched out the growing tip too soon. the packet said to do this after the first set of leaves had appeared, so i did. but now they seem to be keeling over. I have another packet of seeds but that says pinch out after the second set of leaves have appeared. And one google search said after 4 sets of leaves! So i am well and truly confused. Should i start again or can these be saved, and for future reference - when do i pinch out so i get nice bushy growth? thanks




the confusion might be because the first set of 'leaves' which appear are not true leaves, they're called cotyledons, so technically, if the plant's only got those, it still hasn't any leaves, so the second lot of 'leaves' (first set of true leaves) may have been what they meant. And why the other sites say when there's two sets of leaves...

13 Mar, 2011


Those sweet peas look awfully drawn (leggy) to me have they had enough natural light?

13 Mar, 2011


Not ideal, but they will be ok, provided you keep them outside and don't bring them in the greenhouse unless it's going to get very cold. Are they bush varieties, or tall growing spencers?
If you look at the plant on the far right, you can see two small bumps on the stem below the leaves . That is where side shoots will develop which is what you want. When they develop, just cut the plants above them.

13 Mar, 2011


Thanks everyone. Bamboo i did wait for the first set of true leaves to appear, and when they did thats when i pinched out the growing tip, or the cotyledons. I'll move them out of the greenhouse as scrumpy suggests and wait for the side shoots to develop.

14 Mar, 2011

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