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In plant query meant to add twod differnt pictures of same plant! Sorry. Here is the second picture.





Well, this is very interesting - I don't know what it is! Looks like the terminal leaves are three pointed, with a longer point at the tip, rather like Jasmine leaves - I take it the berries are actually on the same plant, and not on another plant rambling through this one? And what time of year was this taken? Close up of the leaves would be good too. But maybe someone else will recognise it immediately...

12 Mar, 2011


Bamboo the previous question has a closer view of the leaves and berries. No idea what it is though...

12 Mar, 2011


Nandina domestica . . . I've put an answer on the first question. Great evergreen!

12 Mar, 2011


Good lord, just shows you doesn't it - I only grow Nandina domestica 'Firepower', which is much smaller and, clearly, much more colourful. Never seen a Nandina that's just plain green. Great berries on that though, must have been taken end of last summer. Does it change colour as autumn arrives, Sheilabub?

12 Mar, 2011


Not exactly, Bamboo. The leaves can change colour at any time of year - just when they feel like it it seems!

12 Mar, 2011

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