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1.When repotting or digging up leeks, for instance, is the soil left which is full of bits of root re-usable or should it be chucked on the compost?
2. Did not realise Fennel puts out runners - cropping up all over. Can these be repotted and given away? Have had one clump for years but don't know how/when to get at the bulb to eat?
3. Rhubarb: If I pick small new shoots will the plant continue putting out new ones?
I have lots more silly questions but don't wish to chance my luck!



Regarding your rhubarb, let the stalks grow to a reasonable size before you pick them. I've seen rhubarb in the local supermarket recently and, frankly, would not consider buying - stalks are far to thin. If you only planted the crowns in autumn better to let them just grow this year or only pick a small amount of the stems as they need to be left on the plant to feed the crown.

12 Mar, 2011


i agree with moon grower my rhubarb just coming through,and as for the leeks i leave the little roots in the ground,unless there is really loads and loads it dosen't make any difference as you won't be planting leeks there again straight away.
fennel, sorry can't help,i don't grow it.

12 Mar, 2011

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