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How to grow Fireball Lily. Can anyone advise me on how to get these bulbs started into growth. Bought 5 bulbs from Thompson & Morgan and planted them individually up to necks into 9'' terracotta pots at end of January.They're on the kitchen windowsill in nice light and temperature. I've kept compost moist & allowed to dry slighty between waterings. Its now 9th March and nothing !!

On plant Scadoxus Multiflorus (fireball lily)



They like well drained moistness, so if letting dry out between waterings I would monitor how dry you are making it. You may be inhibiting growth.

The Fireball Lily I have only grew to about 7-8 inches last year, they are much shorter than say a Trumpet lily, so growth is much slower and you only start to see growth in April.

12 Mar, 2011


Thanks Kildermorie! I wont give up hope yet then. I so hope mine start to grow in April as the flowers look lovely. I feel more hopeful now knowing that someone has had some success. Did you find these difficult to get going? Can you remember how long yours were planted before the growth started

13 Mar, 2011

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