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I have been given a Brighamia insignis (Hawaiian palm tree?) in a very nice presentation box but with no instructions on how to look after it. Is it an outdoor or indoor plant etc

Alan Ross



Houseplant - needs minimum winter temps of 15 deg C. Likes some sun, otherwise as bright a spot as possible, can be stood outside in summer, but only if given shelter from hot midday sun, needs high humidity (mist or spray with water daily, especially in winter in a heated room), allow compost to dry out a bit between waterings, do not allow the plant to stand in water in any tray or outer pot longer than 30 mins after watering. Feed with cactus food weekly/fortnightly late spring/summer, 8 weekly in winter.

7 Mar, 2011


Many Thanks for the information.

Alan Ross

9 Mar, 2011

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