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i bought heather plants today, 6th march, 2011 and was wondering if its ok to plant them outside now or should i wait for a bit?



I would plant them out now - Heather is very hardy.

6 Mar, 2011


thats great, thanks! also maybe u might know, i bought herb seeds and was wondering how many seeds i should put into each pot as theres about 50 seeds in each pack!!!!

6 Mar, 2011


You did not say if they are winter( probably are) or summer flowering, as the summer one require Lime free soil.

6 Mar, 2011


Hi Michelle, you can certainly plant your heathers now, make sure they are in acidic or neutral soil, they wont cope with an alkaline soil so, if necessary, use an ericaceous compost in the planting holes.

6 Mar, 2011


thanks for ur help!! but how do i know if soil is suitable????:( i was goin to just plant them in a flowerbed i have dug out at the side of my lawn, there are snowdrops and daffs growing at one end at the moment! :)

6 Mar, 2011


You can always buy a soil Ph kit or ask at your local nursery if the soil in your area is acidic or alkaline. Are you able to grown rhododendrons and other acid/neutral loving shrubs?

7 Mar, 2011


You can buy 2 types of Ph kits, the chemical ones and the electronic ones. The electronic ones are a bit more expensive but easier and more economical in the long run as you have to buy new capsules of the testing powder for the chemical method. What you can do to make the soil acidic is to add pine and other conifer needles, it will act as a mulch and will also slightly acidify the soil as it is watered/decomposing. I have also heard that some people add diluted lemon juice to the water as a temporarily measure, but I have never tested it myself.
Also High peat content compost are usually quite acidic.

28 Sep, 2011

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