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Hello everybody! Today is the first day the sun has had enough warmth in it to make me believe that Spring and Summer really will come around again.......yehah!!!!!!! I can't wait, all that anticipation and expectation is soooooooo exciting............
I've just had whole new fence put up along the right hand side of my garden, so I took most of the old things away whilst preserving a couple that were wothwhile - I kept a honeysuckle and a pretty climbing rose. But the rest is a blank canvas, so what do you reckon fellow 'grows on you' gardeners?
What shall I plant? It's a west facing wooden 5 ft fence with a bit of lattice on the top. Got to have a clemetis, but which one? And what else are good climbers? Are passion flowers easy to grow? What makes a real impact? I should really think in terms of plants that will flower at different times of the year, I suppose?
I look forward to hearing all your excellent views and opinions.
Many thnaks as always



Well I wish you luck with your canvas, my comment is about the passion flowers, really great and speedy climbers - amazing flowers and large orange egg-like fruit... but it is a thug! I will overrun everything else if you don't stop it, and throw up new shoots that climb and can strangle... somehow these aggressive tendencies sorta put me off the plus bits, and I took mine out..

6 Mar, 2011


Bear in mind the weight too...

6 Mar, 2011


you can have clematises flowering all year round by carefully selecting different ones.

6 Mar, 2011


Montana is a quick growing Clematis flowers early but it can get unruly!! Nelly Moser is a lovely one with huge flowers, there are so many though ,you could type in Clematis on here and look through the photos of all the gardens for some ideas. i did a long border a couple of years ago and have Clematis planted along it all different ones to flower at different times of the year, i also have things like lupins and delphiniums for height at the back. Good Luck!!!

6 Mar, 2011


Nelly Moser, Hagley Hybrid and Niobe, all Clematis, would do fine on a west facing fence, and consider Akebia quinata too. Trachleospermum jasminoides is worth a look - it's evergreen with scented white flowers in summer, but does need a more sheltered spot.

7 Mar, 2011

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