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My daughter has moved to a house that has a number of large rose bushes can you tell mw when to prune them, how hard and when is it a good time to move them to another part of the garden




Welcome to GoY,Mattie..They need pruning now,and usually quite hard back,to an outward facing bud.Any old wood that looks dead,cut it out,and any spindly growth too.Any that are growing inwards,are best cut out too,to open the plant up.
Dig the soil around them,and check they are firm in the ground,by treading them back down,they may have suffered from 'wind rock'over the winter.They will need some rose fertiliser digging in around them,but not directly around the base.Sprinkle it in a circle away from it,and just use a trowel to mix it in.If,as you say,they are old,it would be a hard job to move them,because of the root system they will have made.They will have gone pretty deep.Hope this helps.If you did decide they are past redemption.and wanted to dig them up,it isn't advisable to plant roses in the same place again,but I hope you can give them a new lease of life..good luck.

6 Mar, 2011

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