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Why has my vibernum tinus not flowered this winter?



Did you prune it right back last year, towards the end of summer/autumn? If so, it probably hasn't recovered from that yet.

5 Mar, 2011


Thanks Bamboo, actually no I didnt prune it, I only planted it last spring, it did have a lot of other flowers (annuals)growing around it though in the summer maybe it didnt get enough light?

5 Mar, 2011


Well assuming its still healthy and alive, it'll flower next winter, when its a bit bigger I expect - the artic freeze we had this year would have been very discouraging for a young plant!

5 Mar, 2011


Hi Bamboo, thank you very much for that, yes some of the leaves do seem to have frost damage, hopefully next winter wont be as harsh, at least it looks like it has lots new growth, Im grateful for your help, regards Maureen

6 Mar, 2011

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