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We have just had a very large tree removed and wanted to replace it with a more manageable sized one (say up to 8 feet when mature). We specifically wanted a dark green, red berried holly but without the spiny leaves. I know nothing about gardening and I'm struggling to find out if such a thing exists. Can you advise please?
Many thanks



Unless you have both a male and a female holly you will not get any berries. Sorry can't help you with advice on a non-prickly one... also unless you prune will grown rather more than 8 foot

4 Mar, 2011


None of them are small enough, hollies that is, except for a shrubby one that gets about 4 feet, but still has prickly leaves and, as Moongrower says, you'd need male and female plants to ensure berries. Consider Cotoneaster franchetii instead.

4 Mar, 2011


A Rowan tree might suit you?

4 Mar, 2011


Blimey doubt it Drc - not evergreen and gets well taller than 8 feet, lol! Where you been all winter anyway? Nice to see you back.

4 Mar, 2011


Hi Ally,

I would agree with Bamboo, an evergreen Cotonester sounds like the perfect solution for your needs.

5 Mar, 2011


HI Bamboo, thanks, I have been in hospital but I am recovering now.
I agree they get taller then 8 feet but they are still quite small and slow growers. I love mine and they are small compared to some of my other trees.

5 Mar, 2011


Hi Drc and welcome back, we love our Rowans but I don't think they fit the bill in this case :-)

5 Mar, 2011


Thanks everyone - I love the look of the Cotoneasters and Rowan. I'm definitely reconsidering.

8 Mar, 2011

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