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Is it too early to cut back well established fushia bush which is 10ft high. Also do I cut back the following or leave alone:
penstemon,hypericum, and cistus,




Wait before pruning the fuchsia Jenlud. It may be starting to sprout, but if we have more hard frosts that growth may be killed off. I'd wait til April or so.

Re the other things - I've just trimmed my penstemons. I don't know with the hypericum - it may depend on the variety. I have the boring "semi-wild" sub-shrub that spreads so I hack at it whenever I want to. Cistus is rather short-lived at the best of times I find, so I wouldn't give it an excuse to die - like pruning it! But maybe that's where I'm going wrong?

3 Mar, 2011


If it's a Cistus x purpureus or similar, they don't like being pruned, as Beattie's hinted. They'll take a very light trim AFTER they've flowered, and you can also cut out any dead pieces at any time. Mine have suffered badly in the severe cold, and I have a nasty feeling that I'm going to have to replace them, though. :-(

3 Mar, 2011

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