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Can I reuse amaryllis bulbs next year



I have read that the bulbs are only good for one year and did try to grow one the next year - without success, but someone else may have had some luck.

3 Mar, 2011


Of course you can re grow them. Feed the plant after it has flowered and carry on doing this until about October. Then ease off the watering and stop completely over winter (keep it on a sunny windowsill or in a greenhouse). In spring or around now repot it into new compost, keeping the top of the bulb above the soil as before. Restart the watering and, with luck, it will throw up a new flower stem. If only leaves come up, don't worry, just repeat the process again. Mine flower every year with this treatment.

3 Mar, 2011


Yeah I agree with Volunteer in that need to give it a couple of does of high potash feed ( tomato food is ideal) once the leaves have gone yellow ( or even before) re pot into a new pot ( or the same pot) with a gritty free draining compost and then ease off the watering for the summer and put the bulb somewhere sunny indoors or out where it can be baked by the sun, but try to keep the bulb as dry as possible with only an occasional watering.

In about October stop watering completely for a few weeks and then gradually increase the watering while keeping the bulb somewhere warm ( over a radiator is apparently ideal) and it will hopefully re flower for christmas.

Hope this helps

4 Mar, 2011

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