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We have 2 small olive trees in pots outside but under the lee of our house. They are both shedding their leaves. Are they dying or will they grow new leaves ?



Hmm, they might shed a few as they prepare for new growth but the ones i see regularly don't do this.

2 sets of friends have some and theirs seem to retain their leaves throughout, funnily enough i saw one of the plants today and thought how good it looked.
(Theirs is located in the same position as yours)

2 Mar, 2011


Ive just found this on another site it might help you

Mine 'dies' most winters and comes back, but not 'in the next few weeks' Usually kicks back in about mid July, may be earlier if I examined it for minute signs of life but we do tend to forget it until it re-appears. This year, strangely enough, despite the coldest winter for years, it still has some leaves on

2 Mar, 2011


Check the compost - if the plants are under shelter like that, it's possible they don't get enough water.

2 Mar, 2011

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