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Can you please tell me if an Umbrella plant will survive outside. Mine is possibly 10ft tall and taking over the only space tall enough! I have a south facing veranda and wonder whether it could be happy there.



If you mean Schefflera (previously called Heptapleurum), no, it won't survive a winter outside. I've had one of these for 30 years, but it's not the original plant any more - when it gets too tall, I chop the tops off, taking about 8 or 10 inches of stem, just above a leaf joint, then strip off the lower pair of leaves and pop them in a bottle of water - 6 weeks later, they've produced good roots, and I pot them up and either give away or dispose of the parent plant, although last year, I did plant the parent in the border. Needless to say, it didn't make it through the winter. Works best at this time of year.

2 Mar, 2011


Yes, I saw an article recently that suggested that this plant may survive outdoors in the south in a sheltered spot, so I was interested to see what Bamboo would say. I doubted it myself, and it certainly wouldn't have got through this winter! What a shame, I hate it when house plants out-grow their space. I wonder if the local nursing home, or even an office, might like it for their reception area and you could have the cuttings...or buy a new one for yourself!

2 Mar, 2011


Well, Karensusan, I went down and checked it yesterday, the one outside I mean - its got no leaves apart from a few shrivelled ones at the top, but when I clipped off a bit of stem, it was sappy, surprisingly, not just a dead stick. I will report back if it starts growing leaves again...

3 Mar, 2011


mmmmm.....interesting...the plot thickens! :))

3 Mar, 2011

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