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By Adepoof

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I have a tree in my garden about 8ft it looks like a palm tree . This winter was so cold that I only have a trunk left and it feels a little soft. Should I cut it down or just so far and hope it reshoots



It's been a tough winter for these, Adepoof. I would wait a month or so, to give time for th full damage to show, and hopefully some sprouts to start. Then cut off anything that is soft or oozing. Give it another few months to sprout before deciding to remove it.

1 Mar, 2011


Thanks tug I'll do that

1 Mar, 2011


If it is a Cordyline and not a real palm tree, then it may well sprout from the base later on. Leave til at least July if you can stand the sight of it that long!!

1 Mar, 2011

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