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Hi, is it too late to plant Red Robin tomato seeds to grow indoors this year? thanks



You can generally sow indoor tomatoes in February and you have until April for outdoor tomatoes

22 Feb, 2011


I don't usually start mine until mid/late march as the cold greenhouse can be too cold when they leave the propagator

22 Feb, 2011


I agree Pamg, it really depends where Wilton lives in the US

22 Feb, 2011


Around here, we're already starting to put the plants out! Probably also true in Florida, the Gulf Coast, the lower Rio Grande Valley. and low elevations of southern California. As you go up in elevation, and north in latitude, tomato planting dates get later and later. Flagstaff, Arizona (6900 feet elevation), and Milwaukee, Wisconsin both plant out sometime in June, and start the seeds sometime in April. Places in between here and there use in between dates. I would consult your local Cooperative Extension office.

23 Feb, 2011

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