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I bought my Busy Lizzie last Summer, and she flowered brilliantly right the way up through to New Year. Then all of a sudden all her leaves and buds just dropped. I pruned her back, but nothing has regrown. I did water regularly, but noticed a white mouldy-looking residue on the stem just above the soil line. Is this normal? Is there any chance of my Busy Lizzie recovering, or is it just dead?



Busy Lizzie's need to be treated as annuals - throw that one out and buy a new one.

22 Feb, 2011


Thank you! It makes me feel better to know that it wasn't necessarily my fault, although it's a little disappointing.

I have read that in warmer climates, Busy Lizzies can be perennials - I keep mine inside as a houseplant, would this make a difference?

23 Feb, 2011


Not really in the UK what is generally sold is a half hardy annual that flowers from spring until the first frosts and then dies. Taking it indoors in autumn might work but I doubt it somehow. There is a perennial variety of Impatiens but I am not sure if it is available in the UK.

23 Feb, 2011


I think bizzy lizzy's are ok inside over the winter. I took some cuttings last year - late summer for the fleshy stemmed ones and the normal thinner ones. the fleshy stemmed ones have been slowly dying i'm not sure why i've just got one left now out of the four i started. but the others are looking lovely. bringing a bit of colour. I'll definitely try them again next year. Good luck with yours.

1 Mar, 2011

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