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Thank you very much. Perhaps you will inform Sara Chesters at Rosemoor who was not aware of the problem when I asked her. Thanks again



Hi Dennis! Welcome to GoY. :-)

Unfortunately it's impossible to tell what this comment refers to - I've checked to see if you've asked any questions and it looks as though you haven't. It would have been a good idea if you'd added this comment to wherever you first brought up whatever it is you're talking about, then it would all follow on and make sense.

When another comment is added to a picture, blog or question everyone else who has already commented is alerted so they can go and read the addition - and the topic stays all together so it can be read and followed and makes a coherent (usually!) whole.

I hope you don't mind my interference!
Love from Beattie X

22 Feb, 2011

How do I say thanks?

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