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By Erzula

Pennsylvania, United States Us

Hello All,

My little cypress (lawsoniana elwoodi) all of a sudden turned yellow after being just fine and healthy since last spring! I am in central PA, and we have had some cold winds recently , could that have caused it? Is there anything i can do to save my tree?
I do not see presence of any kind of pests, and hard to imagine there would be any in such cold.
Are these trees sensitive to sudden changes in temperature? (we had a sudden burst of spring for 2 days and then back to cold and wind)
Please, please help! This browning occurred over course of two days - one day tree was perfectly green and two days later 80% of needles are yellow-brown:(

thank you,



It certainly sounds as if your little Chamaecyparis is dead... do you have it in a pot and could it have dried out?

22 Feb, 2011


I'm having a similar problem with my two small Lawsoniana Ellwoodi. trees. I think it is wind damage and wet conditions for mine. All evergreen trees can get damaged by wind and going yellow-brown is a direct response to it - so I would blame the wind.

Remove a bit of the discolored growth at the trunk - if the trunk is green then the tree may regrow if it is brown it is dead.If green put your trees in a sheltered spot to see if they recover and prevent future wind damage. Any part of an evergreen that turns brown will not come back green, so it is new growth that you are looking for.

22 Feb, 2011


But none of the existing growth will re-green so will look messy

22 Feb, 2011

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