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I'm want to buy a tree as a wedding gift for some firends

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I'm want to buy a tree as a wedding gift for some friends...

I'm after a tree that will grow well indoors, as their first home is a flat; but can also be planted outdoors when their family expands and they get a garden etc.

Ideally, the tree will blossom in April, as that's the month of their wedding.

Any help on this one would be greatly appreciated.



I have no idea what's good for your region, but just wanted to tell you what a lovely idea I think this is. Good luck, I am sure some suggestions will follow soon.

19 Feb, 2011


I think that it's a beautiful thought, too, James....Unfortunately, reality intrudes, as usual! I suspect that there is no tree that will grow indoors, bloom (at any time) and then grow outdoors in the UK. There's no chance that they actually live in the tropics, or a mild Mediterranean climate, do they?

I just had a thought, though. Some Camellias can be grown indoors in a cool, bright conservatory. Hard to reproduce those conditions in the average flat, though. Aarrgghh!

Sorry, wish that I was more help!

19 Feb, 2011


A Japanese Magnolia Tree fits all your requests. It will need a bright spot indoors then a sunny, sheltered spot outside. Being a Magnolia you also have flowering in spring with lovely white or pinkish flowers.

19 Feb, 2011


I'm finding that the term "Japanese Magnolia" is being used for many kinds of deciduous Magnolias, but none have tips for growing them indoors, and I was unaware that that was possible. Is there a specific species or hybrid that you are thinking of, Kildermorie?

19 Feb, 2011


We grew a Lennei, probably a Lennei Alba (can't confirm as tag is long gone and some flowers were more pinkish than pure white). It must have been around 2-3 years when we got it and it lived in a bay window (E-SE position). When it lost its most of its leaves in Oct-Nov it was put out in E facing balcony (sheltered). It still flowers in my dad's garden (SW part, but sheltered by fence and close to house).

21 Feb, 2011

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