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After a cold winter my 2 cordyline's seem to be in a state. They have dropped many leaves and the attached ones are easily pulled off. They both have 4 main branches off the trunk and the tops of the branches seem to be rotting. I live in the UK. What can i do to save them ?



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This has happened to many on here including my sons which are bigger, I have heard that in some cases they can come back and if the trunk is hard they should be fine, but if the trunk starts to go soft so I ve read on here they have had it, just give a little time to see if either of them start to form new growth, I m sure some one on here will give more information. I have seen worse on my travels.

18 Feb, 2011


Thanks Sixpence ! Ive been doing some reading on the forum and have seen many other posts similar to mine. Maybe i should have read up before i posted but i love these 2 plants there and they are the only plants i have in my garden. Now waiting for a reply from Bamboo he seem to be the expert..

Thanks To All

18 Feb, 2011


Lol Bamboo is a lady she was a proffesional gardener lovely lady she will steer you in the right direction. Don't worry about you should of read prior you were not to know. It is a shame the Cordilines have been hit like this through out the country. I seen one yesterday all black only two leaves left on it, I should take a good look at the crowns see if they are damaged.

18 Feb, 2011


Am, Sixpence, am - professional that is. Still doing it, despite my creaking bones... just not so much of it.
Sixpence is right - check the trunks for signs of oozing orange gunk or rotting - if they're okay, or not too bad, just wait - if the growing point at the tops is killed, you may find they shoot lower down the trunk or from the base, or both. I'd wait till end of June to be sure and then cut back to wherever the new growth is.

18 Feb, 2011


Lol Bamboo, like you I know how creaking doors feel now hehe, trouble is we can't get oiled like them.

18 Feb, 2011


hmm, too true - I could do with some WD40, not to mention an injection of lycra...

18 Feb, 2011


Lol Bamboo I ll just do with the oil change and get my joints greased car grease will do me, what with you with wd 40 and lycra and me with the grease they will think we are woman wrestlers lol.

18 Feb, 2011

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